About Us

Purefeel is a Brazilian company dedicated to develop technologies to improve indoor air quality, protecting the health and improving the well-being of people, especially workers. The impact of high concentrations of pollutants on human health is already well established in scientific researches, with reliable estimates that approximately 7 million people die each year as a direct and indirect result of air pollution (Health Effects Institute. 2019. State of Global Air 2019) .  With the multiplication of scientific papers, standards and legislation observed in several countries to deal with air pollution called “Sick Building Syndrome” and similar problems (JA Sieguel – Primary and Secondary Consequences, 2015), a growing awareness that the problem of air pollution affects indoor environments – if not to a greater degree, at least to the same degree –  is occurring.

It is important to understand here that the term “buildings” refers to buildings suitable for human occupation and can be residential, commercial, public or industrial.

Supported by the accumulated experience of over 25 years of its technical staff in air filtration applications, Purefeel brings an innovative, creative and high technology approach to the market, offering a high degree of safety to the indoor air purification processes that have always been technically challenging to implement. A comprehensive vision that covers all aspects of indoor air quality and comfort puts Purefeel at the forefront of Indoor Air Technology.

We provide our customers with the opportunity to meet the legal requirements for Indoor Air Quality by enabling solutions in places where previously there were no viable technical or economic alternatives.

With an extensive portfolio of products and services, Purefeel offers solutions with high technical consistency, reliability and a variety of applications to the market.

Purefeel is a division of MK Ventilação e Filtragem established since 1995, serving renowned industries in practically all market segments.


Solve customers´ environmental problems, in a personalized way, designing, manufacturing and supplying products and services to improve indoor air quality.


To be a company recognized for presenting customized and innovative technical solutions to purify and control indoor air quality, committed to protect the environment and the health of workers and general population.


Ethics and transparency

Work in accordance with moral principles and with the rules of good conduct for the community.

Human relationship

Treat people with respect, whether they are customers, employees or suppliers, always with humility at the base of our actions.


Develop new ways to meet new challenges and customer needs.

Environmental responsibility

To help customers, suppliers and employees become aware of the importance of preserving the environment.

Our Business

Numerous technical references attach great importance to the role of filtration in maintaining indoor air quality (ASHRAE: “Position Document on Filtration and Air Cleaning”). Diseases transmitted through airborne particles in indoor environments, such as aerosols contaminated with viruses and bacteria, have affected the world as a result of epidemics and pandemics, with increasingly serious social impacts from the point of view of health, productivity and the economy as a whole. Proper ventilation and filtration procedures can eliminate or greatly reduce the risk of contaminations of this type (ASHRAE: “Paper on ASHRAE´s Position on Infectious Aerosols”).

Based on these assumptions – widely confirmed in the technical and scientific literature – Purefeel has developed a portfolio of products, solutions and services aiming to improve indoor air quality (IAQ), protecting people from the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to the most common contaminants that affect internal environments of laboratories, quality control, pre-production, production, packaging, among other areas, including public, health care and even administrative.

Purefeel offers demanding customers and the most critical processes comprehensive solutions for Indoor Air control and compliance:

  • Unique technological platform INTELIARTM that monitors, controls and manages IAQ application compliance;
  • Physical platform developed with the most advanced CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) design and simulation tools;
  • Vast expertise in advisory and services.


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