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Based on a platform developed with the most modern and sophisticated tools of mechanical and aerodynamic design and the unique INTELIARTM monitoring, control and management technology, Purefeel offers the most modern and efficient products and solutions for indoor air purification to meet the needs of companies, institutions and buildings in general.

Autonomous, Modular and Centralized Units cover practically any need for indoor air purification, in many cases offsetting limitations in the air conditioning systems.

All Purefeel´s Products and Solutions meet the best engineering practices and applicable local and international standards, and are available in Stainless and ATEX versions* blank

The document “ASHRAE´s Position on Filtration and Air Cleaning“, in its Abstract, states that”… there is only significant evidence of health benefits for porous media particle filtration systems”. This statement, largely based on scientific evidence, places the mechanical filtering in a privileged position when it comes to indoor air purification.

The use of filter media in the form of porous physical barriers to the passage of air, can provide, if well applied, a very high degree of purification. Whether through recirculation or the intake of outdoor air, or a mixture, the use of appropriate mechanical filters can meet the highest demands for purification of both particulate material (PM10 and PM2.5) as well as gaseous substances, aerosols and microorganisms, including viruses.

Purefeel´s Products and Solutions are strongly anchored in scientific evidence and recommendations like these.

* Versions developed case by case upon request.


Autonomous Units
Pending Patent


In addition to using filter elements of the best origin and with certification, Purefeel´s Products and Solutions provide, thanks to a unique aerodynamic design based on CFD (Computer Fluid Dynamics) study, exceptional coverage ensuring adequate indoor air quality (IAQ) in the region where it really matters: the occupants’ breathing zone.

This Ventilation method is based on appendix C of ASHRAE Standard 62.1:2019 (Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality) which is widely recognized as the reference standard in this area of engineering. The use of adsorbent filters, either as an accessory in the Purification Units (UPR) or as the main filter media in the Deodorization Units, provides a reduction of contaminating gases and improves the comfort of the internal environments.

A UVC source is positioned inside the clean air flow, sheltered from the access of people, avoiding, at the same time, loss of efficiency caused by dust deposited on the lamp bulbs, ozone emission in the environment and direct visual contact. The impossible task of sterilizing air in such a short exposure time within the air flow, as has been reported in other applications and models, was replaced by an innovative application that reduces the possibility of microorganisms contamination of the filter element and internal components of the equipment.

Safety devices and circuits also ensure complete compliance with applicable H&S regulations. Special attention was paid to the level of noise generated, when designing Products and Solutions, allowing the use of autonomous and modular indoor units in any environment.

In addition to the solid consistency of the Mechanical Design, Purefeel´s Products and Solutions have the unique INTELIARTM** technology for monitoring, control and management. This technology, besides providing a significant reduction in energy consumption, ensures the Operational Integrity of products and systems, avoiding inappropriate use that, otherwise, could compromise the very purification of the air to which they are destined.

Admission of outdoor air for dilution is also a very important function of INTELIARTM* Technology, which, based on a unique algorithm (IAQ-i – Indoor Air Quality Index), prevents the thermal load of air-conditioned environments from being surpassed.

The use of this technology also makes it possible to comply with the requirements of Regulation CFR-21 Annex 11 (FDA) which ensures levels of controlled access to the various operating functions and maintains the necessary historical records of the monitoring and air purification process.

Purefeel´s Products and Solutions portfolio offers:

  • Individual and Modular Autonomous Filtration and Purification Units (UPR)
  • Deodorization Units (UPO)
  • External centralized systems to purify large environments.
*Pending Patent

Internal Modular Systems

Purefeel’s UPR/UPO Platforms was developed using the most modern engineering techniques including the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) aerodynamic study. The same platform made modular allows the increase of air flow and consequently the covered area by the planned flow of clean air. This configuration has the advantage of operating with a single control panel equipped with INTELIARTM’s unique monitoring, control and management system.

Internal Modular Systems - “Master - Slave”



Using the “Master – Slave” concept, it is possible to design an economical solution to purify indoor air in large environments. A Master unit monitors, controls and manages the operation of Slave units that can be anywhere from one to three units covering a range flow rate of 4,000m3/h to 8,000 m3/h and areas as large as 360m2 in the same environment. The modular system keeps all the features of Purefeel’s UPR / UPO Platforms and INTELIARTM‘s unique monitoring, control and management system.
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