Users of Purefeel´s Products and Solutions have access to PURESERV support and assistance that ensures high operational reliability.

PURESERV Service Program offers:

  • Supply of original spare parts;
  • Supply of certified and approved filter elements;
  • Advisory and consultancy services in environmental engineering for indoor air treatment;
  • Remote monitoring of the operation parameters of products and solutions.

Technical Assistance and Spare Parts

Purefeel offers its customers the entire line of spare parts for prompt delivery, which eliminates the need to keep a stock. In addition, the original spare parts, especially the filter elements, ensure the operational integrity managed by INTELIARTM´s system.
Purefeel also offers an Online Operational Support and Technical Assistance service by qualified professionals.

Advice and Consulting

Advisory and Consulting in Environmental Air Treatment Engineering are Purefeel‘s areas of expertise. With large knowledge and experience of its technical staff in Indoor Air Technology, Purefeel is prepared and available to its customers to help them evaluate, analyze and diagnose potential contamination problems.
The services are provided through a careful analysis of the specific aspects of each case, with the use of state-of-the-art measuring instruments and the generation of the complete technical reports dully signed by a IAQ Certified Professional accompanied by recommendations of any corrective measures to be taken.

Remote Monitoring

Purefeel‘s unique INTELIARTM technology offers, in the most complete models of the Products and Solutions assortment, the possibility of remote monitoring of the operating parameters via Wi-Fi.
Thus, users of Purefeel´s products can easily implement their maintenance programs or assign this task to Purefeel through a service and technical assistance contract.
The remote monitoring associated with all the functions of predictability, anticipation and security of the INTELIARTM System ensure the high reliability of the products and solutions.

Rental and provisional installation

Purefeel meets the eventual needs of companies, those in which they need the solution for specific occasions.

With the rental and provisional installation service, Purefeel offers the right solution for events in hotels, convention rooms, meetings, theaters, among others, with all the assistance for assembly, monitoring and disassembly.


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