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Based on a Modular Plataform developed with the most modern and sophisticated tools of mechanical and aerodynamic design and the unique INTELIARTM monitoring, control and management technology, Purefeel offers the most modern and efficient products and solutions for indoor air purification to meet the needs of companies, institutions and buildings in general.

Autonomous Modular Units cover practically any need for indoor air purification, in many cases offsetting limitations in the air conditioning systems.

The use of filter media in the form of porous physical barriers to the passage of air, can provide, if well applied, a very high degree of purification. Whether through recirculation or the intake of outdoor air, or a mixture, the use of appropriate mechanical filters can meet the highest demands for purification of both particulate material (PM10 and PM2.5) as well as gaseous substances, aerosols and microorganisms, including viruses.

In addition to using certified filter elements from first class suppliers, Purefeel® Products and Solutions provide, thanks to an exclusive aerodynamic design based on CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) studies, an exceptional coverage ensuring adequate air quality (IAQ) in the region where it really is matter: the breathing zone of the occupants.

Autonomous Units
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Purefeel’s UPR / UPO Platform offers a very flexible assembly, allowing the filter elements to be arranged in numerous ways. By simply replacing the main filter element of the UPR units, the mass of adsorbent media of the filter elements can be greatly increased in order to meet the demands of deodorizing environments with pollutants of that type.

Purefeel´s UPO Units – Purification and Deodorization Units have all the typical features of the platform including the possibility of intake outdoor air control and all the other unique functions of INTELIARTM‘s technology.

Purefeel’s UPO Purification and Deodorizing Units offer the most modern and reliable solutions for managing the difficult odor control problem, specially in production environments.


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